The Ryder Cup is in memory of Alan Ryder (father of Chris Ryder) who had been a member of BLTSRC for a long time. This has been set up by the Ryder family with the intention to support a junior from Berkhamsted in their pursuit of excellence. This Cup recognises the efforts they have made and give that junior £100 towards cost incurred.

2011 – Harry Faulkner
Harry was the first winner of this Cup and provides a perfect example for our future winners. It is with great sadness, Harry is no longer with us after suffering from a cardiac arrest.
Berkhamsted was Harry’s home club and he was an integral part of our team, playing for both our junior and senior teams. Harry suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing for Berkhamsted’s first team. Although the team had already lost, Harry was sticking to his task to restore some Berko pride.

Harry was not one to shy away from a challenge, which made him the true sportsman that we all loved! As well as pursuing his own personal goals both on and off the court, Harry still had time to give something back to our younger players. I would often find Harry on a court giving a player some advice or support.
Harry had had huge success this last season, winning a European Junior Tournament as well as winning several England Squash events giving him a ranking of 6 in England at under 19 and 32 in the world.

Achievement was not only in sport. Harry was a hard worker at Berkhamsted School and gained excellent AS results securing him an offer from Birmingham University as well as interest from Universities in the U.S. The school are currently planning several events in honour of Harry.
Harry was known throughout the squash world as a thoroughly likeable, polite and decent young man. He achieved a great deal in his short life and had so much more to offer. He was adored by his family who were immensely proud of him. He was loved by his friends and respected by all who knew him.

Although his untimely passing leaves an enormous gap in lives of all that knew him, his memory and example he set will live on. Harry is now playing for team heaven and most likely still practicing his favourite shot – the forehand cross court volley nick we will never forget you Harry and will endeavour to honour your name!!!
Adam & Harry
R.I.P Harry Faulkner

2012 Grace Gear
Grace has had great success throughout her junior career so far, achieving number 1 in England at both U13 & U15 age categories as well as being crowned the English National Champion in both age groups respectively.

Grace has shown real dedication so the sport and was recently rewarded for all the hard work she has put in by being selected for England to play in the European Championships where England won!

Grace has committed to the club by playing for the ladies team as well as our junior teams and is doing so well is planning her first season playing in the men’s division.


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